Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Kaylea has been very good lately so we decided to take her to the "fishy show" aka Gulfarium. Kaylea wanted to take Trinity her best friend/cousin. We had the best time. The girls minded and we didn't have to get on to them not the first time. We stay a night in a hotel so the girls could swim. They enjoyed the Gulfarium but I think they enjoyed the hotel swimming pool the most. We checked in after visiting the Gulfarium and the girls swam their hearts out. They were so tired. We got pizza dilvered to the hotel and the girls shortly passed out. We got up and went to the Ihop and ate Kaylea's favorite "Pancakes" and then came back to the hotel to swim so more. It was a short trip but nice.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My little Girl is growing up

Kaylea attends Kids Discovery for Pre-K and wrap around care. Last week they had their Pre-K Graduation. All the kids got to wear a cap and gown, received a certificate of completion and was presented with an award. Kaylea was presented with the "Best Sense of Humor" Award. The kids did a skit for the parents also. It was so funny to see all the kids on stage singing and doing hand motions as well as looking for their parents and grandparents in the crowd all at the same time.

We were all sitting waiting for the graduation to start and Kaylea's teacher came up to me and said Kaylea's dress broke (holter top dress) and asked if I could come fix it. I looked all in her classroom for something to hold her dress together. Of course there was no safety pins or anything like that to use..... so I found a bind clip hoping it would work . It held up thought the graduation and the skit. I was very suprised. I was just waiting for the binder clip to fall off and her boobies be exposed in front of all those people.

Sorry It's been a while

I know it been a along time since I posted anything. So here are some random pictures since I posted last.

Kaylea, Trinity, Nolan and Brianna at the Jay Christmas Parade

Kaylea riding the tractor with her dad

Kaylea posing for the camera..... which is rare

Kaylea using our fireplace as her stage

Josh did have a job working out of town. This is Kaylea seeing her dad for the first time in 7 weeks. She knew that she was getting a suprize but had no idea it was going to be him. It was such a sweet moment. She had tears of joys. Everyone on the porch was crying.

My beautiful roses that we grew. I never thought I could grow roses.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Festival

Kaylea's school hosted a fall festival. There were so many people there but she had fun.


We finally found the time to crave the pumpkins 4 days before Halloween. Here's our pumpkin family.

I was trying to take some picture of the pumpkins without the flash so you could see them lite up. It didn't turn out like I thought but it looks pretty cool, almost 3d.

Pumpkin Patch Time

Their is a local church that sells pumpkins every year. Everyday when Kaylea and I pass it she asks me if its pumpkin patch time. I have to explain to her that pumpkins only grown in the late summer and fall. When it was finally pumpkin patch time I could no longer pass it without stopping. I could only get 1 picture she was to excited and running all over the place. She was so proud of the pumpkins she picked out. She picked 1 for her daddy, 1 for her mommy, 1 for herself and 1 baby one for princess.

After we got the pumpkins home she could not leave them alone. She would sit on them and carry the baby pumpkin around like it was her baby.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kaylea Pictures

Kaylea modeling her new jeans that MawMaw gotten her